Monday, 29 April 2013

FORT | 34-38 Provost Street | London N1 7NG 3rd May – 3rd June Private View Friday 6.30pm – 10pm

Private View: Friday 3rd May, 6.30-10pm


Exhibition continues until 14/04/2013

Hold the Fort brings together 14 contemporary positions by a cross-generational group of artists in response to the theme ofSurvival.

The exhibition takes its name from a request by the curator at ‘Fort’ to take over the space while he is away.  The Fort is to be commandeered and secured until he returns. The idiom Hold the Fort originates from a message sent by General Sherman in the American Civil War, issuing the command that it is a soldiers’ duty to protect the fortress and keep everything together until help arrives. In this instance the order has been issued and the curator’s closest allies have been called upon.  The exhibition implies both a survivalist attitude and a creeping fear of the unknown situation outside of the Fortress.